Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Decor

Day 10

Christmas Decor

Hello and welcome to another day of Blogmas... I figured we are likely all setting up for Christmas now so I should get all of my decorating blogs posted sooner rather than later.  So here is what my place is looking like for Christmas (you can see my Christmas tree here).

I'll start by saying that I am not one of those people that feels the need to decorate every room of their house.  Even though my condo is only 5 rooms (2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living/dining room, and kitchen) and I likely could decorate every room... I choose not to over do it.

The first thing goes above my fireplace and I made it last year with my friend Jessica.  Come back next week to see how Jessica and I made them!

Speaking of my fireplace I put some garland over it and string some lights through it.  I also make sure to hang all the stockings that I own (sadly, they never get filled).  My aunt passed away a number of years ago and one of the things that she collected were these little holiday houses.  When we were splitting up her stuff each of her nieces and sister in laws took a house (you can find it in the bottom left corner).  Like I said... I'm not into crazy Christmas decorating and don't want to make a winter village scene like many other people I know... but I put the house out by my fireplace in memory of her.  The star on the left of my fireplace mantle is from one of my students.

I usually keep a basket of those premade and sealed up logs by my fireplace... I just buy a couple boxes when they go on sale. I'm running low this year because I forgot to get at the end of season last year (or I never saw them go on sale).  You can spy one real log in the bottom right corner... the basket is just beside it but my couch is hiding it in this picture.

Any ornaments that didn't get used on my Christmas tree or didn't get glued onto my ornament wreath I place in this plate/basket thing with some other Christmas/winter decor items.  I try to keep everything in here "wintery" and will leave it out until February/March (so blues, whites, greens, and silvers).  The basket sits at the end of my dinning room table... If the basket were a little smaller (or my table a little larger) I would put it in the middle.. and sometimes I put it there but I just end up having to move it whenever I have people over for food or games.

To also use up some extra ornaments I put a bunch of them in this giant vase that once held my birthday roses.  Well, actually, John did most of the work on this... even rearranging some of the ornaments to make sure it looked nice.

I'm not super into any holiday scents like pine tree or cinnamon so I just put out a red or white candle instead.  This one I got at Bath and Body Works last summer (shh... I'm hiding the label).  I figured it is red so it works!  The candle sits on my coffee table.

The last thing I did was something new for this year!  I like to display my own artwork in my living and dinning room (they are actually one room).  In fact, I didn't purchase a single piece of the artwork in those rooms!  I guess I can't really call this my own artwork but I like that I've changed it up for the season and made it just a little more festive.

Stay tuned because in a couple weeks a Blogmas post will be going up for how I made these!

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