Sunday, 20 December 2015

Presents for Everyone!

Day 20
Shopping For That Hard to Buy For Person

Confession:  I've got A LOT of gatherings over the next couple of weeks (just check out my Christmas Gatherings post!) and so I'm prewriting a lot of these last few days (my goal is actually to extend this right until the end of December... we'll see how that goes).  Not that I haven't been prewriting most of what I've already done... I just feel like these next few days might be obviously prewritten.... so you've been warned!

Anyways, this post is all about what to get for that person that has everything (or is just really hard to get a present for).  

Let me tell you folks, you are making it too hard!  This person is actually the easiest person to buy for... chances are you can get your shopping for this person done within minutes... possibly while you are doing your grocery shopping or from the comfort of your own home!

And here it is... the present that is sure to please that person that already has everything they could need:  
Tickets to ANYTHING!

Here is a list of tickets that you could get:

- Concert Tickets
-  Ballet Tickets
-  Comedy Show Tickets
-  A special event Tickets (like if Cirque du Soleil was coming or something)
-  Dinner Theater Tickets
-  Sporting Event Tickets
-  A Family Show 
-  Tickets to a play

OR... get them tickets and a hotel stay for somewhere outside of the city you live in if you want to be extra generous (or a bunch of people are contributing to the present).

Now, some of you are going to be all "but they already have season tickets to every sporting event, or "they hate the arts", or "what if they are busy the date that I get the tickets for".  

Well fine then.
(chances are if they really wanted to see whatever it is you got them tickets for they would change their plans though)

Go out and get them a gift card to a restaurant.  They can go out to dinner which means they don't have to cook it... everyone is still happy.
(psst,... this the one you could probably accomplish while grocery shopping... just check out their gift card section)

In a week or 2 I'll be (hopefully) doing a post about what I got others for Christmas and I think this ticket/gift card idea is going to work with 3 people that I'm buying presents for.

I'm sure there are other things and ideas of what you could get that person that already has everything though... so leave your ideas in the comment section below!

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