Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Christmas Tree

Day 2
What my christmas tree looks like

My Christmas tree!
Ta Da!
John and I put my tree up and decorated it shortly after Remembrance Day.  He says my tree looks like one that should be in a mall but I would disagree... those ones are a lot nicer.

The star is from Dollarama (this was the third Christmas tree topper that I have owned... I think I'm finally satisfied with what I have... of course it had to be the one that came from Dollarama).

The ornaments are odds and ends from old roommates, gifts, and all the goldish ones I bought at the end of season a couple years ago.

The ribbon I also bought at the end of season last year.

The lights need replacing... a number of them are burnt out and one strand goes out if you nudge it the wrong way.  I'm thinking I'll get some new strands at the end of this Christmas season.

The tree I got when I first moved into my condo.  I hummed and hawed about actually getting one and my old roommate convinced me that it was a really good deal (I think it was under $20 and I bought it before Christmas!)  I bought some Christmas tree looking garland to add to the tree to make it look fuller.

The presents are all real!  They are for a hamper my friends and I are putting together (but more on that another day).

John's tree is much different.  I think there are three strands of lights each one looks different.  The lights are colourful and the ornaments are all random.  We've already agreed that if we ever need to share a Christmas tree that he will take the back half to decorate with his stuff and I'll get the front... and somehow neither of our lights will shine through to the other persons side.  Failing that we get two trees and he already called the one in the basement because that's apparently the one everyone is running to Christmas morning.

What does your tree look like?

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