Monday, 21 December 2015

DIY Chistmas Framed Art

Day 21
Christmas Frame Art

Folks, this one is so simple to do (and you barely need any supplies to make them!)... it shouldn't cost you more than $10 (but hopefully it will be even less because, like myself, you'll be able to re purpose some of the things you have at home.

Here's what you'll need

Some picture frames.
I already had these (pretty sure they come from Ikea in a package of 2).  I was lucky and mine were red but I think a lot of different colours and styles of frames would work for this.  I actually considered removing some of the artwork from some of the frames I currently have up around my place and making them into Christmas frames just for this season and then putting all the proper pictures back in them... but I didn't... but you could!

(my apologies for the sideways picture)

Wrapping Paper.
Any kind will do.  Here's my collection of Christmas wrapping paper that I had to choose from

Christmas wrapping paper

Tape, Scissors, and Glue 

(you may not need both glue and tape... I used both but it isn't necessary)


I cut up a cracker box so that it would fit inside my frames (I figured out the size by tracing the back part of the frame... no measuring for me!)


The steps are simple enough... in fact the first step you can already see done above

Glue or Tape wrapping paper onto cardboard.
You can see that when you glue the wrapping paper on the cardboard kind of bends... this is why it might be a better idea to use tape BUT.. keep in mind that you are putting it in a frame anyways so it will lay flat in there.

Glue or tape the wrapping paper on the back of the cardboard.
I just wanted it to be on there nice and secure.  I also wanted to make sure my wrapping paper covered the entire front... this was just easiest.

Put wrapping paper covered cardboard back into frames

But frames up around the house

I told you it was easy.

Psst... in one of these photos you can spy My Advent Calendar (just click on that link to learn about what I did for one this year).

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