Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer was one of the easier things John and I had to do.  

First, I asked for suggestions.  My sister went through photography school and so I asked her who she thought would do a good job.  John's sister also recently got married so we [kind of] looked into who she used as well.

Out of all the suggestions I emailed just 2 photographers.  

How did I narrow it down?  That's easy and something you should know I always default to because of my Mennonite ways... price.  If they didn't have a price listed online I didn't bother to send them an email.. I mean they could have been really affordable but come on... list your prices so I have an idea of how affordable!  

One of the photographers was someone my sister had recommended and the other was an acquantice.  
In the end, we went with the photographer that I knew.  I knew that she would be easy to communicate with and because she knows me she is willing to do (in my opinion) so much more for us!  

Sometimes going with someone you know isn't the best option... they might give you a really good deal but take their time getting pictures back to you (I've heard of this happening) or they might give you a really good deal but be relatively new to the field.  

I feel like we are getting the best of the best for us and I'm looking forward to her (and the second shooter... that's right it's going to be like the paparazzi showed up!) capturing our special day.

We ended up using one of our engagement photos for our invites that we hope to have sent out (or hand delivered) by the end of the month but here are 4 photos that we also really liked that didn't make the cut..

and here is a much better shot of the ring... John zoomed in on it

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benilhalk said...

Lovely photo shoot. My sister recently got married at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. She hired a professional photographer who did amazing wedding photography. Will be having him for my wedding too that is in just few months.