Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Guest Book

We've come up with a great idea for a guest book (but I'm obviously not going to tell you exactly which idea that is).  What I will tell you is that I sent the following images to John to help us make a decision for what we wanted our guest book to be (and we decided on one of them).


It goes well with our centerpieces and is pretty well free!

Engagement Picture on Canvas

I feel like we need to find a way to use our engagement photos and show them off to people that attend the wedding.  This would be a great option!

Polaroid Picture Scrapbook

We'll need someone manning the table to take our guests photos (we'll also need to purchase/rent/borrow a polaroid camera) but you have more than just a signature to remember the person by.

Hearts in a Frame

Ok, I wasn't sure what to call this one but basically people sign the little wooden hearts (they can maybe write a message on it if they really squish) and drop it into the frame for us to have forever.

Classic Wedding Guest Book with Engagement Photos in it

I didn't think a photo was needed for this one but it's also an option.  A great way to show off our engagement photos!

Feel free to venture a guess as to which one we picked.  Like I said we did pick one of them (but I won't be telling you which it was... you'll just have to stay tuned until after the wedding for that)

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Christine Penner said...

I just had a great idea with the first option. A person could use some wood for people to sign and write messages on and then do a really good job at putting stain on it or something to seal that all in. Then turn the wood into a coffee table or side table or something. A person can guarantee that it'll always be on display... well... until you no longer want that coffee table I guess. Someone should consider doing that.