Friday, 22 July 2016

Top 20 Cookies from the Year

I said about a month ago that I would compile a list of my top cookies that I made during the last year .. after reviewing the candidates I decided that the list had to be 25 cookies long (and let me tell you narrowing it down from 52 Weeks of Cookies to just 25 was kind of hard.  But here we go (in no particular order

5.  Graham Cracker Cookies 
(I'm going to make these again soon to bring to the lake!)
8.  Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
(I might make these again this summer too)
9.  Banana Cookies
(these are next on my list to make and bring to the lake)
25.  Birthday Cake Cookies (because... special occasions)

I've noticed now that I've compiled my list that a peanut butter cookie is noticeably absent from the list... so.. do you have a go to peanut butter cookie recipe?  Because I might need to try it!

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