Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Wedding Day Accessories

The day I bought my wedding dress I also bought a couple accessories to go with it (mostly because I was for sure buying one of them and then the 2nd - a bracelet was half off).  I make lists for John and I to get through in a week or two and last week I had "buy shoes" (for myself) on my list of things to do.  

Luckily for me that same week Aldo sent out an email reminding me of the presale for shoes that are 50% off that I never even looked at the first time they sent it because I was 100% sold on the idea of getting my first pair of Toms to wear on my wedding day.

Why Toms?  I think they do great things and I found a pair that I liked (and I thought it was a great reason to spend $70 on a pair of flats).  Then when I finally found them in a store (I was just going to order them online if I never found them in store) I was uncertain on them.  $70 is a bit of money to spend on shoes you are uncertain on.

So, with this knowledge in mind and that reminder email from Aldo just sitting in my inbox I made the very short trek to Aldo to get some regularly $60 for $30.  Only, for Christmas I had asked for a gift card from there to buy a black purse (which I actually JUST bought for a wedding I went to recently - also half off) and with what was left I only had to pay about $14 for my shoes.  What a steal!

This week I've been wearing them around my condo to stretch them a little (I was torn between sizes to get.. 7 seemed almost too big and 6.5 seemed almost too small but the guy told me I had time to wear them around the house and return them if I didn't end up liking them).

I'm not going to be announcing which ones they are (I guess you can go online and make some guesses though) but I will tell you that I will not be wearing any kind of heels at the wedding.  John isn't too much taller than I am so I get to wear flats (which is exactly what I would have chosen to wear anyways).

Now I just need to decide on what kind of earrings to wear (or if I need to go out and purchase some) and I'll be all accessorized for the big day!

Unless,,, I'm forgetting something (and it isn't hair that I'm forgetting about.. I'm just not talking about accessories for that.... yet)

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