Saturday, 6 February 2016

Jam Jam Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 32

Last week I mentioned how I was making some classic Mennonite food for my friend and his family.  So on Sunday I spent all day making meatbuns (because the dough takes a while to rise), soup, and jam jam cookies only to be so wrapped up in transporting the soup over there that I completely forgot about the cookies that I had made that afternoon in the fridge.  No one fret though... the cookies got delivered on Wednesday instead.

Why jam jam cookies?  When I was thinking about cookies that my grandma would make these ones were the first that came to mind.  I probably should have searched for someone that had my grandma's recipe... but I found one on Mennonite Girls Can Cook and figured if it wasn't the same recipe it had to be very similar (I mean they looked identical to the ones my grandma would make... or at least identical in the way I remember them).

The thing is... the recipe called for lemon zest.  I wasn't so sure about this lemon zest but John and I had to go out and get ingredients for the soup so I told him that if we went shopping right after church I would include the lemon but if we put it off to later I would omit it... turns out we went shopping right after church and so I included the lemon.

I also can't be sure of what kind of jam my grandma would use in her cookies.  I used some homemade strawberry jam I got a wedding I attended this past summer and some store bought stuff I had in my fridge.

The outcome... I thought they were a little sweeter than what I remember (now, keep in mind I haven't had my grandma's jam jam cookies in a number of years) and the cookies were slightly harder than what I recall (I probably should have taken a minute or so off the cook time because mine were a little smaller).  But definitely still edible and definitely still Mennonite.  If I happen to make these again though... I think I'll either omit the lemon (I don't think my grandma included that) or track down my grandma's actual recipe.

I give these ones a 7/10

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