Friday, 5 February 2016

Leaving Time - A Book Review

My apologies, I thought I posted this a while ago and then I come to realize I must have just saved it... whelp, I finished the book (and another one in the meantime) so here are my long overdue thoughts on "Leaving Time" by Jodi Picoult

Well, what can I say, I always like Jodi Picoult books.  I think she is a fantastic writer that clearly does a lot of research when writing her novels.  I like that you can't predict the endings to her novels (well, maybe you can, but I can't).

There were a few parts that I thought made the book less credible though (but because it is a fiction book can it really be credible at all?).

The first was when Serenity and Virgil went to that house and the water started pouring down inside the house.  I thought that if this book were a movie this would have been one of the deleted scenes... I didn't see it as having much purpose to the story at all (I guess when you get closer to the end of the book it kind of does.... but not enough that I thought it needed to be included).

I'm not one to support cheating on a significant other and so I obviously didn't LOVE that part of the book... I find it a little sad actually that something like this has to be included in a book in order to make it more exciting and to sell copies.

But mostly the part that I didn't like was that in the end you find out that not only was Virgil dead all along but also Jenna.  How disappointing.  The fact that Serenity could see them as their spirits or whatever throughout the book just made it seem a little (or a lot) far fetched to me.  Did they really have to die in order for it to be a great book?

Honestly, here is how I thought it was all going to turn out.  Eventually, Jenna was going to find out that her grandmother died a long time ago.  She was going to question whom she had been living with all these years only to discover that it was her mother all along!

But if there is one thing I know about Jodi Picoult's books it is this:  They don't always have a "happy ending" and you cannot predict the endings anyways, so my prediction was obviously not going to happen.

Despite not liking certain parts of the book I still enjoyed the read and I will definitely be continuing to read Jodi Picoult books in the future.

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