Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cinnamon Caramel Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 31

The smell of the cookie dough while mixing these reminded me of cinnamon buns... sadly, the taste did not.  You can find the recipe for these here

I'm not sure where I went wrong with these ones (next week I think I'll have to make some kind of classic cookie to make up for my attempts at all these different ones) but part of the problem may have been that I only do half a recipe.  This means for these cookies I used half a box of cake mix,  One would think that I would probably measure the whole box of cake mix out and then divide in half but... I aint got time for that (apparently).  So instead, I take the bag of cake mix out of the box and dump what I guess to be half of it into a bowl.  It usually works.

It could have also been that I don't think we have Milky Way Chocolate bars in Canada?  Or if we do they weren't at the grocery store when I went or the Dollar Store.  But I did look up what a Milky Way was and the very reliable Wikipedia told me that it was similar to a Mars... mostly caramel and milk chocolate.  So I cut some caramels in half and added a couple chocolate chips and then attempted to fold the cookie batter over it all.

I cut the caramels length wise so that they would be flatter... I'm glad I did!
Speaking of folding the cookie batter over the caramel and chocolate... what a disaster!  It was way too gooey.  I had a lot of it on my hands... getting it to fold around that caramel was nearly impossible.  You can see my progression of them looking like they are turning out to not at all.  Was it way too gooey because I didn't use enough cake mix?  Possibly!

Doesn't that cookie front and center look decent and the ones in the back... well... not so decently rolled?
Anyways, they turned out edible.  Very soft and flat but definitely edible.  

Cinnamon Caramel Cookies

Do I love them?  

I do not.

But I've had worse.

So I'm going to give these 6/10

Maybe if you just follow the recipe you'll have better success!

Last week I made some Chocolate Coffee Cookies

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