Thursday, 14 January 2016

2015 Review

Here is is folks...that last Blogmas post I owed all of you that I didn't do when I was supposed to because I got too sick to do much of anything.

Before I start I suppose I'll share a little about what I did for New Years Eve.... it wasn't anything too exciting. You see, a special person in my life just so happens to celebrate their birthday on December 31st every year and so we did what he wanted to do (plus I wasn't invited anywhere else so good thing I had a party to attend!). We ate cake, we chatted, we said Happy New Year! We did it all at John's parents place and then spent the night there... because why not? The next morning we playd some games and eventually made our way back to the city. A low key time was had by all.

Now onto the review of 2015!

I broke it down into months and I realized something... I didn't have a terribly exciting year. But I'm going to tell you all about it anyways!

 John and I started dating

 I made my students some delightful valentine cards (they loved them!).  To see what I did and to get the template to make your own just click here

Ummm.... well... I'm assuming spring break happened.... I'm sure I did something somewhat fun for spring break... maybe?

 My contract gets extended and I get to continue teaching 5/6

I take my grade 5/6's to the zoo and I get to experience the polar bear tunnel for the first time!

My friend Kilian gets baptized

I complete my first year as a grade 5/6 teacher. Would I do it again? You bet!

I turn 30!  John gets me 30 roses to celebrate

I went strawberry picking!

I start off my 52 weeks of cookies with some Birthday Cake Cookies

lots of boat rides and fishing at the lake and just being at the lake

We spend lots of time around the pool

I go with my friends to Folklorama

We go on a loooong hike at Clear Lake for the first time.

We also go check out the bison... apparently not for the first time (but I have no recolection of ever seeing them before)


John and I go see Odysseo

I go to school as Minnie Mouse on Halloween

Erin, John, and I carve pumpkins that will never be placed outside for Halloween

John and I prepare for our first Christmas together by setting up my Christmas tree (which we also did together)

John and I also packed "shoeboxes" for Operation Christmas Child

 A busy month with too many Christmas gatherings to attend!

Here's to an even better 2016!

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