Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Almond Meltaway Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 27

I'm a little behind on this post (it was supposed to happen on Saturday but then I was just too busy getting over a cold and celebrating 1 whole year with this guy

I found this recipe by The Novice Chef

Ok guys, I'm already conflicted on these cookies.  
Because they had (have?) oh so much potential!
I want to give them a really really high rating because I think I can fix them (if I would remake them).  But I'm going to remain faithful to rating the cookies exactly as they turned out and well these ones... are not great.  

We could argue that they may not be great because I'm sick... but I would think my sense of taste would be dulled because of my cold... not heightened.  

We could argue that I did something wrong whilst making these... but I tripled check the part I was unsure of so I'm pretty sure that's not it.

What's so awful about these cookies you ask?

The icing tastes like medicine.
And it just makes me want to cry.. haven't I suffered enough with the medicine already?  I certainly don't need it in my cookies!

I'm pretty sure I made them exactly as the recipe said to and this is how I would fix them for next time (and a pro tip for anyone who is reading this and thinking of making these)


almond meltaway cookies

But they look practically perfect!

Oh, I found the icing a little thick so I added a smidge extra milk.

As for the rating.... I just can't give something that tastes like medicine a great rating.  As much as it pains me to do this because I already came up with the super simple solution for these I'm going to have to go ahead and give these a 2/10

BUT last week I made some delightful Hot Cocoa Cookies that I don't think you'll be disappointed in!

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