Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Day 27

Hot Cocoa Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 26

The halfway point has arrived!

And what better way to celebrate the halfway point than with something to make all this snow a little more bearable.

I feel like over the last week we've gotten snow it's so much!
I mean it was great because who wouldn't love a white Christmas (to be honest... it just wouldn't be Christmas without it.. to me at least).

Anyways, this week (which I know, I know, I'm posting this one day late) I made some Hot Cocoa Cookies because well, one needs something to eat with their hot cocoa!

These were pretty easy to make.  But I did make some adjustments.

First, I used chocolate chips instead of chocolate bars.  I looked up how many ounces in a chocolate bar to determine how much to use... I don't even really recall how much I used (I halved the recipe and I want to say about 5 handfuls?  So precise... I know).  Then I used 4 chocolate chips under each marshmallow.  The grating part is where it got a little complicated.  I put some chocolate chips in a food processor in hopes to turn it into more of a powder at least... it only half worked.  You can kind of tell that wherever a larger chunk of chocolate chip landed on the marshmallow that it caused the marshmallow to cave in a bit.  But I'm judging these on taste... not on how they look!  I guess I could have also just sprinkled a little cocoa powder on top instead... ah well.


I was worried that these were going to taste way too chocolaty for me (if that were the case I knew John would love them though)... but they actually aren't (too chocolaty that is).   So, I'm going to give these a 9/10 (because I think they are pretty good).  My only concern is will they still be pretty good when they aren't fresh out of the oven?

Last week I made some Chocolate Mint Sandwiches

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