Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Outfits

Day 7
Fancy Christmas outfits

Okay... maybe not THAT formal.  I'm not talking ballgowns here

Today's post for Blogmas is all about finding something to wear to that fanc(ier) work, family, or other Christmas Party (that requires dressing up).

I didn't actually run out and buy anything new for this... Found all of this already in my closet.


ballerina dress
This dress I wore to John's work party last year when we found out that it was a little more formal than we were originally thinking it was.
I love this dress because it makes me feel like a ballerina (fun fact: when I was in kindergarten I was pretty sure I wanted to be a ballerina... it didn't pan out for me, in case you couldn't already tell, probably because I never took any kind of dance class).

Because it makes me feel like a ballarina I wear my hair in a bun (sometimes).  For the occassion with John I wore it with some flats (ballet flats anyone?) but when I wore this dress to a wedding I wore it with some little booties (John isn't too much taller than myself so I tend to wear flat shoes when I'm around him - okay, I tend to wear flat shoes all the time).
red dress

I bought this dress from Forever21 last September (I think).  Why?  I bought it because it was the cheapest red dress I could find to work with my Minni Mouse costume.  I was going to add white dots to it but then decided that I might just get more use out of it if I didn't add them.  The thing about this dress was that I was so desperate for a cheap red dress that I didn't care too much that it was a little short and that I probably would have fit a medium better than a small.  But I digress....

black dress

<< Everyone needs a plain black dress in their wardrobe (okay, maybe a guy doesn't need one and maybe every girl doesn't NEED one either... but you get the idea).  I wear this one when it is nicer out usually but it could definietely work in the winter too!  Just accessorize it differently and pull on some tights.

white dress

>>Here is the dress that I'm planning to wear to John's work Christmas party this year (if we attend).  I bought it last year at the end of winter so it was discounted (even more so because I bought it at Winners - for my American readers Winners is the same as TJMAXX).  I've dressed it down with a cardigan and boots and worn it to school so I've gotten quite a bit of use out of it.

I would pair any of the above dresses with these shoes.  The important thing about the shoes is that they must have a closed toe because it's cold outside (at least where I am living)!

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