Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Gatherings

Day 18

John and I just counted all the Christmas gatherings that we have and get this... we have 9.  Some are a lot smaller than others but still... 9.  I also had 1 other Christmas party without him.  It's a lot... especially considering there are 5 days straight and a total of 9 between the 16-28 (never more than one on any date though).

BUT, here are a few of my Christmas Gatherings (and some of the traditions we have)

1)  I always get together with these girls

just a bunch of sisters and cousins
We usually do a scarf exchange but this year we just did a $5 gift exchange.

2) Both sides of my parents family

We used to do one gathering on Christmas and the other on boxing day (and then alternating which family we'd see on which day every year).  For the record, my parents are still very much together... it's just getting together with some extended family.

Now that we've grown up and become a little more busy (with many of us getting married) it doesn't work out to organize it for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  So we just find a day that most of us are free and choose it!

On my dad's side we do a $10 gift exchange.  The rule used to be that the present had to be purchased from Canadian Tire and the goal was to save the most money (receipts had to be included) but this year it has morphed into any $10 present.

On my mom's side we don't do presents.

But we will: listen (and possibly have a role in) the Christmas story, sing Christmas carols, eat, play games, visit... or well I'm assuming we will do all of this based on how it is from other years.

3)  Both sides of John's parents family.

I don't know what his traditions are or what it will be like... maybe I'll have it figured out in a few years.

4) Life group Christmas party

Last year we went to one member's place in the country but alas, he is in Germany this year.... 
So this year... I'm hosting it!  Well... technically I already hosted it (it was on the 16th).

We are putting together a Christmas hamper for a family in need and delivering it this day as well.

5)  My immediate family

this would be my parents and sisters and all our significant others.

When we were kids we always had our Christmas on Christmas eve (because we were always busy on Christmas and boxing day) and would go out to eat and to look at Christmas lights.

6)  John's immediate family

We are with them on Christmas day this year (and Christmas eve... because they want to see a lot of me... yes, I'm assuming it is me they want to see).

7) Work parties

This year, I didn't have one and usually bigger corporations get theirs out of the way earlier on but because of Grey Cup festivities everything got bumped back a little later so this year we are attending John's on the 19th.  It's a fancier event.  Dresses will be worn and corsages will be offered (by his work... not by him).

And I think this pretty much covers it!

If I were teaching this year... I think I might feel that a 2 week break was not nearly long enough!

Here's to still being able to fit into all my clothes in the New Year!

How many Christmas gatherings and parties do you have this year?

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