Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day

Day 26
Boxing Day

Boxing Day... The day after Christmas... December 26th.

I'm not sure if it is like this everywhere but where I'm from there are a lot of pretty good deals to be had the day after Christmas.  I only started taking part in Boxing Day festivities in recent years... because I finally had extra money to spend, I needed furniture, and because I wasn't having a family gathering so I had more time to get out and go shopping.  I've still never waited in a long line at like 2am though... because that just isn't for me when it's this cold outside!

Anyways, this year I'm planning to get a new cell phone because I'm still using an iPhone 4s... which means I'll also be hunting around for a new plan.

I also really want these shoes but I've been looking (online) for them in my size and it's starting to look like they are all sold out (at least at places that will deliver to Canada)... I'm a little sad about this but I could have gotten them a while ago.  So I guess I only have myself to blame?

Last year I got a new winter jacket from North Face (online).  It took a while to find the one I wanted, in my size, from a store that would ship to Canada but I was so SO so happy when I did find it.  I had my eye on this jacket for a loong time (even trying them on in the store here so that I knew my correct size)... so I was super excited when I found it and I was even more happy when I got it within a couple days.  If you live somewhere that it gets COLD in the winter (I'm talking like -30's and colder) then do yourself a favour and get yourself a really good winter jacket!

I also got new black boots last year.  There is nothing special about these black boots except that they are leather and will hopefully last a long, long time.

The year previous (so 2013) I had just moved into my place so I was in the market for some furniture.  I picked up my bedroom furniture and mattress on Boxing Day.  The furniture I got from a discount furniture place and I don't recall if it was discounted more because of Boxing Day... but I'm still liking it so I'm going to go ahead and say it was a good purchase.

I've always considered buying a new tv on Boxing Day because mine is pretty ancient... but I don't watch enough tv to make that seem worthwhile.... at least not yet.

What has been your most successful Boxing Day purchase?

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