Thursday, 24 December 2015

What Christmas Means to Me

Day 24
What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas to me means a bunch of things... but when I first started thinking about this post I thought of this quote from our good friend... The Grinch

I like it, because for myself, it's true

A few days ago John called me requesting a Christmas Wishlist for his mom and I really struggled thinking of what I needed.  I knew I didn't really NEED anything so obviously I eventually put together a list of things I wanted.... 

For me, Christmas isn't about getting presents

I mean, it's lovely to get presents and I appreciate them all... I might even be a little disappointed if one year I didn't get any.  But presents are definitely not the most important part of Christmas and I don't want to ever think that I have to get presents because it's Christmas.

So the question remains, what does Christmas mean to me?

It means spending time with family and friends

It means giving to others before yourself

It means going to at least one Christmas themed church service

It means having a bunch of fun with a bunch of different people

It means good food and great company

It means seeing people you haven't seen in a while

But most importantly it means remembering why we celebrate this day and remembering Jesus' birth and all that he did for us.
God sent his son to Earth to save us all from our sins.  God sent Jesus to Earth so that one day he would die... for all of us!  Which really, is the best present of all... because think about it.... if someone stepped in front of a bullet that was heading straight for you wouldn't you be forever grateful for that person?

This video is a few years old but is still very much applicable.  It tells the story of Christmas through social media

This past Sunday my church did their children's Christmas concert and play... they played this song during it which I feel like tells a good part of the Christmas story and a bunch of things that Jesus would do in his life time.

Hope you have a very blessed Christmas this year!

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