Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Countdown To Christmas!

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Countdown to Christmas

It's December and that means we can all break out the advent calendars (or go buy one at the Dollarstore with those gross chocolates in it) and start counting down to Christmas....

and that is exactly what I am doing with Blogmas

Blogmas: A bloggy countdown to Christmas where yours truly will be doing one blog post per day leading up until Christmas.  Will I continue it beyond Christmas... I just might (but you'll have to wait and see)

So, one of the ways we can countdown to Christmas is by checking out my blog every.single.day.  sounds exciting, huh?  But here are some more ideas for how we can all count down the days to Christmas

First off, I'm sending you to my teaching blog for some ideas on how to do the Countdown to Christmas in your Classroom

Here is that classic advent calendar that you can get at the Dollar Store or Walmart.  The chocolates are sub par but the good news is that when you finish these ones you can start thinking ahead to next year and save the mold in the back... then you can make your own christmas calendar with better tasting chocolates!

My mom had a felt advent calendar that she would hang up in the kitchen every year for my sisters and I to count down the days until Christmas with.  Did we argue what went at the top of the tree... the angel or the star?  Oh probably.  We also probably argued about who got to put the final ornament up.

This one is pretty close to the one my mom had.. except hers was missing a lot of velcro so some of the ornaments would be barely hanging on.  Hers also didn't have the letters N O E or L... because we all know someone would have started to spell LEON instead.

Then I wandered a little further down the advent calendar rabbit hole and things got a little fancy...

You can get advent calendars for anything

Or whatever else you are into (or whatever else the person you are getting the advent calendar is into)

But I'm not using any of these in my home this year... no, no, no
I got the idea for the one I made myself on The Adventures of One Crazy Lady blog
and this is what I ended up with...

I knew I wanted something to bring me back to the Bible every day as I flipped one tag over and this lady had a link to a bunch of verses that I figured would work wonderfully.
I'm really happy with mine.

If you follow the links on Adventures of One Crazy Lady and use the verses on Desiring God you may notice that December 20th is missing.  I just did a search for Christmas bible verses and filled it with something that wasn't already listed.  You may also notice that some of the verses repeat... I thought this was odd... I haven't looked at any of the verses yet... but when I flip those tags over I'll see if those are written in error as well I suppose.

Do you do an advent calendar?
What kind of advent calendar do you do?
What kind of advent calendar do you wish you did?
I'm feeling like the nail polish one might be nice (although, would I really use all those colours?)
and I know John would love the Lego one.

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