Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Christmas Wish List

DaY 8

My Christmas Wish list

Today I'm listing off some things that I would be happy with this Christmas season (not that I will be a grump if I don't get these things though... I would like to think I'm a very thankful person).

So, in the order that I thought them in...

1.  A Cozy Sweater (at least I hope this sweater would be cozy..)

2.  Christmas seems like the perfect time for new pajamas.  I like these ones.

3.  I never seem to have enough measuring cups (for dry ingredients)

4.  Why not ask for new measuring spoons while I'm at it as well.

5.  I would really like to make my spare bedroom more office like... I could start with an office chair.
6.  I want some wood (looking) floating shelves for my bathroom.  Two of them.  Something around a birch colour.

7.  A big, cozy, flannel looking, red scarf

I'm thinking something like this... but more red.  The key word in the description is oversized (I think)

8.  Knitted Mitts and a Toque

9.  A job.. can I ask Santa for a job?  Because I would really, REALLY like one.