Saturday, 1 August 2015

Mississippi Mud Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies - Week #5

One month down... 11 more to go.

I'm switching up the way I post these from here on out because I've been looking into ways to get this blog a little more out there and apparently I have to title my blogs what I think people will be searching for.  So let's try this shall we?

You'll find the recipe for these cookies here

A couple of things before you commit to making these cookies
1) Maybe you are some super baker and marshmallow arranger but it took me 1 hour just to make the cookies, carefully place the marshmallows and then carefully place the pecans.  SO, I'm going to assume that most of us will just ignore the recipes 45 minutes total time.
2) You can try to carefully place those marshmallows and pecans.  Be my guest and try.  Or you can be like me and be fed up with them constantly rolling off and just smash them on there.  By my 2nd batch I got a little better about placing them and would grab about 5 mini marshmallows and just carefully hold them onto the cookie for a few seconds... this worked well too.  But if you need to smash you smash!
3) The pecans will also need to be smashed on there.  I personally enjoyed poking them into the slightly melted marshmallows.  That kept them on there pretty well.
4) Maybe if I would have made these more flat and smooshed them down slightly before baking marshmallows and pecans wouldn't have been rolling around on my pans.  Try to flatten the cookies slightly before baking them and get back to me on if they were a lot flatter and easier to place things on.
4) Finally, after starting these slightly after 9pm and getting them done at 10pm (minus the icing part) I decided to leave them to cool overnight.  This worked well.  I then just scooped the icing onto each cookie (okay, I may have just run it over the entire batch getting a lot of it on my counter).

And one hour later they were ready to cool...

The next day...

I ran out of bowls to mix the icing in and there wasn't a chance I was ready to wash one by hand before my cookies were done.  
You can't tell here... but this is a margarine container.  
How Mennonite/resourceful is that?

The finished product!

My rating?
8/10 they took forever to make but I must admit the pay off was pretty delicious.
Next time I think I'll make it in brownie form (which my cousin and I agree my mom likely has a recipe for)

Good news everyone!
I had a couple of friends over today for a pool and nail painting party and decided to include a little taste testing of the cookies from this month.
... minus the birthday cookies.  Those are long gone.

The winners?
... yes I said winners.

Tied for first place are the following
Mississippi Mud Pie

Or in other words no one loved the strawberry ones.
They said they were like muffins
And when you're getting a cookie why waste it on a muffin... am I right?

Want to know something else?
My testers said I could sell my cookies.
I'm obviously a pretty good cookie baker
(and eater)

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