Monday, 27 July 2015

Something Fishy...

Did you ever hear of the time that 5 people went out on a boat to do some fishing and everyone came back safe and sound without a single fish?

Me either.

Which is why I decided that someone had to catch the fish...

I haven't been fishing in over 15 years so this was a pretty big deal.

So we celebrated by debating on what kind of fish it was for too long...

Just long enough for the fish to find a hole in the net big enough to swim out of.

In the end it apparently ended up being a walleye which we weren't going to keep then (because it was so small)

AND... something from last weekend.

Remember that candy dispenser I found at John's family's cabin?
Well unbeknowst to us his sister took a picture of the excitement of filling it.
Or at least I'm excited for it.

John is really concentrating.
His mom is likely concerned about the amount of candies that are about to get all over the table and floor.
His other sister in the background doesn't care at all.
But I cared and I was excited.

Also, let us take the time to welcome John's mom and sister to the blog for the first time ever!
(and if I never posted a picture of John and I on the blog then I suppose we can welcome him to the blog as well)

Oh, and one more thing about the fishing experience that John will likely want you all to know
When I got that fish on the line I didn't say "got one" like most would
no, no, no... that just isn't my style
Instead I said 
"something is happening!"
Which is when everyone asked if I had a fish to which I responded
"I don't know... I think?"

In my defense that fish didn't put up much of a fight.
I expected more.
Much more.

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