Saturday, 25 July 2015

52 Weeks of Cookies - Week 4

Fresh Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies

Another week and another batch of cookies (thankfully weeks 1 and 2 cookies have already been finished... my freezer is not busting at the seams with cookies... yet).

I had to find something to do with all those strawberries I picked the other weekend and so I set out for a strawberry cookies recipe (because I was already committed to making 52 different kinds anyways).  It seemed like the perfect thing to do!

To be honest, these cookies are the worst so far (but it is only week 4... there will be many MANY other horrible cookies I am sure.

I forgot to take the vanilla out of the cupboard for the picture but I did not forget to include it in the recipe.

a sign that they were still too gooey... I couldn't roll them in my hand.

What did I change to make them the worst so far?

I added extra flour and oatmeal
The dough was pretty runny... more like a muffin mix than a cookie mix in my opinion.  Plus when I read over some of the comments a couple of days prior to making these I read that people found they had to add extra dry ingredients.
Then I stuck the dough in the fridge overnight in hopes that it would firm up a little more.

Maybe I should have added extra cinnamon to these cookies as well... who knows.

My rating?  I'm going with a 6/10
They are just a little too bland for this Mennonite 
(which is saying a lot because we Mennonites love our bland food!)

I'm fairly confident that next weeks cookies will not be bland and instead be delicious!

So I guess we all have something to look forward to

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