Thursday, 2 July 2015

Life Lately


It's been a while

What's been going on?

Here is the quickest of recaps:
1) I went to my cousins baptism
2) I went to a wedding with John and I was looking great.  For some reason we didn't take pictures.
3) School is done (Yay!) 
4) No, I don't have a job for next year... yet
5) I've officially met all of John's immediate family.
6) Yesterday was Canada Day and John and I went to see fireworks.  AND I must say that I think we got one of the best spots to view them.
7) I was going to have a pool party last weekend but then it decided to storm all day Saturday.  BUT, because Shelley is insistent that my spare room is her room to change in I was forced to clean it up because all my school stuff was strewn about in there.  Now that room is looking pretty tidy and I got it done ahead of schedule!
8) My cousin invited me out to the cabin for a few days next week!  I'm looking forward to some time away, boat rides, and lounging by (in?) the water.
9) My students think I like tea and keep giving me different kinds of tea.  So, I've decided to get into "sun tea".  I tested it out and without sugar it is pretty gross.  Then I loaded the jar with sugar and it wasn't too bad (John says I over sugared it though).  Sugar water anyone?
10) In a couple of hours I'm heading out to my cousin's baby shower... So I guess I should get that present wrapped.
11)  My cousins and friends threw a surprise birthday party for me.  There was even a chocolate banana cake!
12) Oh yeah, tomorrow is my birthday.

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