Friday, 17 July 2015

Life Lately

Confession: my boyfriends family is pretty fantastic

I got back from one lake last Thursday to leave for another one Sunday morning.

This time I drove out to my boyfriends family's cabin.

We went on the pontoon and swam off of it
We played lots of games
We ate lots of food
We swam at the beach
We got me a fishing license
and we tried to go fishing... but on our way to the boat it started to rain a little too much. 

Thursday (the day I left) was a rainy and cooler day (the rest of the days were SUPER hot) so we were spending time inside.  Which is when I found a jelly bean dispenser.  So what does one do on an indoor kind of day but go to the gas station and buy all the candy that could possibly be dispensed from it and fill it.  It was a great post breakfast treat!

I don't have much currently planned for the rest of the week (or summer for that matter).

Except that I'm looking for a new bathing suit... I probably should have bought one a month ago... hopefully wherever I happen to find one it will be on sale!
I'm also looking for jeans.
So today, I'm going shopping!

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