Friday, 24 July 2015

Life Lately

Last weekend I went strawberry picking with some girls from my life group
It was a rainy day BUT it didn't rain a single drop while we were picking so pretty much perfect.
We decided to pick our berries in the more plentiful but muddy section of the field... my friend Diana and I decided we were better off going barefoot through the mud.
It was one of our better ideas.

I picked 2 baskets

And now have 2 big freezer bags full of frozen berries!
Perfect for making smoothies or baking with!

Of course, I didn't freeze ALL of them and attempted to make some chocolate covered strawberries for John and I.  Some of them turned out okay... I'm no good at the white chocolate thing though.

Other than that I've made some homemade fruit roll up with my berries (John insists that next time I should try strawberries and bananas) and some Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies

I've been reading Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series.
It's okay... but I'm not sure I'm sure of what all the fuss is about

Last week I went to the mall to find some jeans 
I parked and happened to glance at the car beside mine and inside were 3 stuffed animals all buckled into their seats.

I'm blessed to have a pool at my condo and I've been spending more time around it with friends.  
Unfortunately, we haven't had much success at a really nice day around the pool.. which just means that it has been pretty well empty whenever we go.
My friend Diana and I decided that on the very hot days when all you want to do is sit inside around a fan that we would go for a very sweaty walk and then jump in the pool.  Lucky for us yesterday was the perfect day for a super hot walk and swim!

If dipping those strawberries in chocolate wasn't enough to make me a pretty awesome girlfriend I also made him some homemade garlic bread and spaghetti and meatballs.
(click on the links to get the recipes for the bread and meatballs... they were both delicious!  AND, the meatballs are cooked in the slow cooker!)
**The bread recipe isn't the exact one that I used... but I thought it looked fairly similar

John and I went out for a walk to find another geocache and spit off the side of a bridge.

Tonight I leave for the lake again
To fish
To swim
and to eat

Have a great weekend!

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