Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life Lately

Confession:  I still have strawberries that I picked nearly a year ago.

Why?  I'm not sure
Perhaps because I don't eat jam and therefore have no need to make any.
Perhaps because I love to eat them fresh and once I freeze them I only use them in smoothies.
Perhaps because I chopped up a bunch of them and apparently have decided that since they are chopped up I'm not using them in smoothies and only in baking.

Anyways, guess who had every intention of making strawberry banana muffins to empty out her freezer of strawberries just in time to go pick fresh ones?

Yeah... that's not happening.

It was a rainy weekend so I THINK I only have science and social studies report card comments left (and looking over and fixing up my ELA and math comments).

I also hemmed a dress by hand because I wasn't willing to pay $20 to get it professionally done.  My job is professional enough (just don't look too closely at it).
I'm wearing the dress to a wedding in a couple of weekends from now so it needed to get done.

Otherwise, the week was not so great.

Let's just say I'm learning to compartmentalize work once I leave... which is hard because I often bring work home with me.

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