Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Long Weekend in the City: Things to do

Not your typical "to do" list 
(although mine probably could have included things like laundry, cleaning, and going to the gym)
Oh wait, I did all those things too!

John was camping for the long weekend which left me free and clear to do what I wanted in the city (yes, I stayed in the city for an entire week!  Well... mostly).  So mostly I just stayed in and relaxed (because, you know, I'm not currently doing enough of that with my summer off!)

On Saturday the girls came over for some lunch, some swimming, and some nail painting.  I have a deep turquoise colour on my toes which I'm loving and on my fingers is what Shelley would call a periwinkle blue (the lady at the gas station said she really liked it).

Sunday was church and the gym.  After the gym I went to my friend Ginger's place for a bonfire.

So I loaded up my cookie sampler plater and headed out the door

We each took a turn holding the teeny, tiny baby kitten that fit in the palm of a hand

Watched the sun set

Roasted hotdogs
And s'mores

I look a little scary here but did you know that Reese spread tastes delicious on s'mores.  
I could have had at least 6 probably
But I stopped at 2

On Monday I did some cleaning. 
My kitchen looks AMAZING
... I'll see how long that lasts.
While cleaning I discovered this present from one of my students

You know the chocolate is good because it is in German

And the pieces in the bar are HUGE

(for the record I took this photo normally, it shows up on my phone normally, it shows up on my computer normally, and then I upload it here and it flips it on its side... but you get the idea)

On Monday I also went to my cousins to eat snacks and chat
Then I watch Insurgent with John

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend
(just one more left before summer is over)

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