Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tagalong Cookies

there is salt inside that little owl... he has a purpose in this picture!

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 7

You can find the recipe I used for these cookies on Bakeaholic Mama

I used half a recipe... not that you can really tell (or maybe you can)

It ended up only making 10 cookies... I probably could have done a full recipe for these

Ok folks, I tried to roll the peanut butter and place it nicely on each cookie in ball form (well.. I didn't try THAT hard).  You see, as soon as I scooped it out of the container with a spoon I knew it was too sticky and if I attempted to roll it I would have it all over my hands instead of the cookies.  Plus, it didn't seem like a necessary step so I didn't do it!

I was going to dunk each cookie into the melted chocolate but then I figured the first 3 would get all the chocolate and I would be left having to melt more (every 3 cookies).  Plus, if there is such a thing as over chocolated... that's what those cookies would have been.  So I spooned it over top of each one and spread it out with the spoon.  I figured it would drip down the sides making it look like the entire top and sides were coated... but that didn't really happen (hardly any dripped at all - I even went to all the trouble of putting some plastic wrap under the cooling rack to catch the drips!)

The finished cookie (with a bite taken out)

My thoughts:
Too much peanut butter!
(maybe I over peanut buttered?)
I also used up the last bit of my almond butter on these and mixed it with regular Kraft peanut butter (the regular peanut butter made up the majority of that mix).  I never cared for that almond butter... maybe that's why these don't taste as good as I thought they would?

My rating?
They were good.
I'm willing to try it again.
Just with less peanut butter
(maybe a full cookie recipe and a half peanut butter recipe)

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