Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas

I have 2 days to make up for in Blogmas because I was too sick to look at a screen, type, eat, sit up... you get the idea.  But I'm finally feeling mostly better now!  This means that you finally get to see what I got for Christmas!

What can I say about what I got for Christmas in 2015 other than I was pretty blessed.

You might have noticed a bunch of orange numbers every where on that picture... well they all correspond with the description here!

1.  John's sister got me a curling wand.  I was really looking forward to this present.  I've used it once and loved the results (even if I am still quite the armature at it).  Finally, no more having to curl my hair with my flat iron!

2.  Santa brought me some Bath and Body Works hand soap!  I LOVE Bath and Body Works so Santa did well.  He also brought me a holder for their soap which I didn't currently have.

3.  This is a giant blanket scarf.  Red plaid... just like I requested.  John bought it for me.  He actually bought 2 very similar scarves for me and I was having a hard time deciding which to keep... in the end I think I'm going to keep this one (although I still have both) because it's what I originally had asked for.

4.  Gift Cards!  My parents got me ones for Aldo (I want to get a new purse with it) and Winners (I already used part of it on my phone case).  John's sister gave me a Starbucks one... which I'll definitely put to good use.

5.  Santa brought me some kitchen stuff.  I had asked John's mom for some new measuring cups and she must have passed on the message to Santa.  There is also a bowl, measuring spoons, and this thing that I imagine is used for sifting/shaking powdered sugar before... which I didn't have before it showed up next to my stocking!

6.  I bought myself a new phone (well technically it was free and the plan that it comes with is better than what I had previous so I'm pretty happy about this non purchase).

7.  Gold star ornaments for my tree from John's sister.  They never made it onto my tree this year (I thought about putting them on but I was so busy at Christmas time and so sick that it just didn't happen)... so something to look forward to next year!

8.  Santa apparently always brings all the kids in this family Froot Loops for Christmas.  Obviously there is a story behind this and here it is... Those kids were only allowed certain cereals during the week.... they were the boring ones with hardly any sugars in them.  On Sunday's they were allowed slightly more sugary cereals though.  Sadly, Froot Loops never made the cut.  Except of course on Christmas... on Christmas they could eat any cereal they wanted and I guess Froot Loops was what they always wanted and so Santa always delivered it for them on Christmas to eat.  I of course have an opened box of Froot Loops already in my cupboard and eat them whenever I please (I also ate them whenever I pleased growing up).... but Santa clearly didn't want to leave me out of all the Froot Loop fun.

9.  Everyone and their mom got an adult colouring book for Christmas.  This one came from my family $10 gift exchange game (but I know that my sister brought it).

10.  Black knitted mitts from John's parents.  Mine never last more than a winter or 2 so I'm always looking for new ones!

11.  A new toque from John's parents!  This one is SO warm... I'm looking forward to wearing it this winter season.

12.  John also got me some new snow pants.  My old ones don't fit me anymore and I have room to grow in these ones!

Everything is sitting on a throw blanket that I also got from John's parents.  It is so cozy and warm and I love it.... it really came in handy while I was sick and needed about a million blankets on my bed to keep me nice and toasty through the night.

I forgot to include the book I got from John's grandparents... that is definitely worth mentioning because I love this author (did I read probably about 8 of her books in one year because I had just discovered her and couldn't get enough?  Yes, yes I did.  Anyways, the book is "Leaving Time" by Jodi Picoult.  I haven't started it yet but I'm sure it's going to be great!

Very thankful for everything I received for Christmas but am even more thankful for the sacrifice my Lord and Saviour gave for me by sending his only Son to Earth so that our sins could be forgiven... the reason I celebrate Christmas

I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas!

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KB said...

I laughed at your "grow into them comment" your age...I don't really think you will be growing any taller. lol/

I love Jodi Picoult too! Definitely my favourite author. I bought Leaving Time and read it on our holiday. I can't wait to hear what you think about it when you are done.

Looks like you had a very blessed Christmas!