Saturday, 12 September 2015

S'Mores Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 11

I don't know what the weather is like where you live but over here it has started to cool down.  

Which just so happens to be the perfect temperature for campfires/bonfires!

BUT... if you are like me you don't like the smell of campfires (I know, I know I'm completely crazy).  So I found a cookie to make up for all the missed S'more opportunities.

You can find the recipe I used on Baked Perfection

A few things... 
I didn't measure out the chocolate chips but I think I over chocolate chipped these (if that is even possible)... next time I would put in fewer.
When I make cookies I use 2 different cookie sheets.. one always takes longer than the other and I always start with this one because it is larger.. for these cookies this meant an extra couple of minutes after you put on the toppings... I also noticed while taking them off the pan that they started to crumble a bit at the beginning but the last ones I took off weren't... so I would just leave them on the pan for an extra couple of minutes.  With my 2nd pan I left them on a little too long and they dried out a little or got over baked... so just be careful!
For the chocolate pieces I simply broke up my chocolate bar the way it was supposed to be and then snapped each of the pieces in half again.  Easy peasy.

Just before adding the chocolate and marshmallows
I LOVE that the marshmallows got a little toasted.  How authentic!
I found that the graham cracker crumbs and the cinnamon give these cookies a little something something.  
I think they would be great without the extra chocolate and marshmallows and I think that is what I would do with these... just turn them into another version of chocolate chip cookies.
But... my rating?
Because they are still quite good!

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