Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Life Lately

Other than having my first sub day last Friday (I've got another half day booked for this Friday) I haven't been up to too much... I wish I was getting called more often.

I was on for snack at life group last Wednesday so all of this made an appearance there.

Some apple nachos

And some S'mores, Mississippi Mud Pie, and mystery cookies

We've been having some unseasonable warm weather lately (I think on Sunday it was supposed to get up to 30 degrees!) so John and I headed to the beach to play some frisbee and fly a kite.  We stopped in at 3 different dollar stores for the kite and none of them had... so we stuck with the frisbee.  What we didn't factor in was how windy it was so it didn't really work out too well for us.  So we went on a walk, chased snakes, built sand castles, and John was smart and wore shorts so he was able to go in the water (at least up to his knees).
Naturally, I left my phone in the car for all of this.

Next weekend it is back to the lake!  

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