Monday, 21 September 2015

Last Weekend at the Lake

Still haven't been up to much lately... it's been a slow start to the school year but I really, really, REALLY hope things start picking up soon.

What have I been up to?

John and I made these delightfully colourful popsicles.  We added a simple syrup to the pureed fruit... but I don't think it is necessary.  We used kiwi, a mango/peach combination, and strawberry.
pureed fruit popsicle

We got back to John's place after life group last Wednesday and his sister had a collection of dress up hats and glasses for a photo booth... naturally we spent some time playing dress up.

playing dress up
With nothing much to do during the day I've taken to going for afternoon walks.  Luckily, there is a lovely park not far from my place that I can walk to and enjoy!

I spent one last weekend at the lake.  It was such a beautiful weekend consider we are over halfway through September already (where was this gorgeous weather on the long weekend!?!).


We did some fishing before dinner on Saturday (much like all the other times I went fishing on this lake... no one caught anything).

Then something happened to the motor so we started paddling back (thankfully we were nearly back by this point... but not so close that we would get back in under an hour).  My attempts at getting the other people fishing to tow us back to the docks by blowing a whistle to get their attention was useless... but my prayers were answered when another boat came to our rescue!
getting towed

And, I played some telephone pictionary with my students on Friday.  To see the full round to go with this picture click here
telephone pictionary

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