Saturday, 5 September 2015

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies: Week 10

You can find the recipe that I used on Culinary Chat

These ones sounded like a delicious idea and when I sampled one they were pretty good

A couple of things:
I did not have salted butter...I also didn't add extra salt to the recipe because of my saltless butter

Confession: I actually use margarine and not butter at all!

I left my dough in the freezer overnight and made them the following afternoon.
Some of my caramels were a little on the older side... how do I know they were? They were REALLY hard to cut up.  Some of them were on the newer side and nice and chewy.

Ok, so I attempted to flatten the cookies originally before putting the caramels on them but they just started to fall apart on me!  So I jammed in the harder caramels and smooshed on the chewy ones...  then I reformed the cookies into balls.

I put exactly 2 caramel pieces on each cookie... it almost ended up being perfect

Confession: One cookie only got one caramel piece.

You can kind of tell which ones had the hard caramels versus which ones didn't... the soft ones kind of melted into the cookie and the hard ones didn't.

In theory these sound like a delicious treat and although they were I'm not so sure about these.
The caramel is going to get hard and impossible to chew.  
I just know it.
So, I guess one should always have a microwave handy to pre warm these up?

And the mess!
Let me tell you about the mess
Those caramels melted all over my pans and then cookie pieces stuck to them when I was trying to get the cookies off the pan.
Then everything stuck to that flipper/lifter tool that no one knows what it is actually called.
I actually had to regularly scrape off all the caramel cookie goop that was stuck to it.

I'm sure there is something better out there!
(and I know for a fact that I have other caramel cookie recipes just waiting to be made!)

So, I'm giving these a 7/10
because I'm holding out for something better.

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their long weekend!
I'm at the lake (with my family and these cookies)... we'll see how many [cookies] make it back home.

Last week I made some Oatmeal Cookies that I think you should try out 
(just add in some fun extras to the recipe)

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