Friday, 1 April 2016

Spring Break!

Finally, a post that isn't about cookies!  

The sad news about this post is that I really haven't done a whole lot this spring break.  People were busy with other plans, sick, or took off for other places leaving me to clean, throw a spa night, and go for lots of long walks.

So, what does a girl write about when she didn't do much over the break?  She shares with what few readers she has how to have a pretty decent spa night at home!

You don't really need a reason to have a spa night in my opinion but I hosted mine for a very good reason... one of my good friends was turning 30 and this is what we could convince the most people to attend!

Step 1:

Everyone but the birthday girl brought something for us to eat.
I made some sweet and sour chicken and veggies in the slow cooker so that I wouldn't be stressed about hosting and having to make diner right before everyone got here.  I also made some homemade garlic bread (which got rave reviews) and some rice.  Another guest provided us with salad and another with drinks.

I dimmed the lights to make it seem more like a restaurant because that was one of the things the birthday girl wanted to do.  

PS.  Those cups I got at Dollarama and served a few purposes.. for holding beverages (duh..), to be a little more fancy looking than regular cups, AND they were all different colours so if they moved around throughout the night you just had to remember what colour was yours.

A couple of other guests supplied us with some dessert.

Step 2:
Spa Services

One of the things the birthday girl wanted to do was to go to the spa... so I wanted to try to make my place as spa like as possible.  I dragged out my Christmas lights (even though they have the green wires I don't think they looked too bad) and some smaller lamps (the lamp on the shelf I ended up moving to the top so people could actually read the menu and services)

Step 3:
The set up

On that sign on the shelf I put where we would be doing each service.  My original thought was to have us doing something different in the different rooms of my condo but then I thought the point was also for us all to spend time together... so I did my best to keep us all in one room of my condo (the living/dining room).

The coffee table is where we did our nails (a guest also supplied us with probably about 100 nail polish colours to choose from).
Those 2 big bins by my couch were for foot soaks
And in front of the tv I put a long mirror for us to apply face masks

I also tried to think of things that you would eat/drink at a spa and I figured tea was likely something... so I set up a little tea station (I don't believe it got used though)... for someone that doesn't drink tea I think I have a decently large tea collection!

Step 4:
Have fun!

No pictures from the evening because I was too busy having fun.

I guess I can always spend some time with the rest of my spring break putting my place back to the way it usually is.

Hope we all had a great spring break!

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