Friday, 8 September 2017

We Bought a House!

As of August 25th we officially had possession of our new house!
As per our lawyers advise we went to the new house at midnight to make sure everything was in order and to take a selfie

Midnight selfie at the house

The first week at the new house was filled with scrapping the popcorn ceilings of our second floor.  It just so happened that this week John was also away for work which meant I was scrapping the ceilings of the house.  Luckily, John has some fabulous sisters that came to help.

Popcorn ceilings no more

For those of you wondering; popcorn ceilings can be difficult to remove if they have been painted over (or so I've been told).  We were lucky (if you could say that... I mean we still have a house full of popcorn ceilings!) and ours were not painted.  All we did was spray the ceiling with some water and scrap away at it and it came off fairly easily.  I searched up what to do after the ceilings were scrapped and got a variety of answers... I ended up just wiping down the ceilings with a damp cloth and hopefully that will be good enough!

Unfortunately, scrapping popcorn off the ceilings made a BIG mess.  We put down sheets of plastic but it still got EVERY WHERE.  We are planning to replace the carpet... eventually so we weren't too concerned about it ruining the carpet but we aren't planning to replace it anytime soon... so we still needed it to not be too messy.  We ended up with a full arsenal of vacuums at our disposal to help with the mess... thank goodness.

I'm posting this a little late... in fact tomorrow is actually our move in day!  Be sure to come back next Friday to see what else we got accomplished prior to moving in though!

PS.  For those of you wondering if scrapping the ceilings was worth it... I say it was.  Am I willing to do it again?  Not likely (other than for our main floor that is... because that still needs to get done).  But I wasn't working that week and was more than capable of doing it myself so I saved us the money of hiring someone to do it (which we probably wouldn't have done anyways.... we would have just left the ceilings the way they were then)

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