Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Other Wedding Stuff

What seems like eons ago I posted about possibilities we were considering for our wedding guest book.  John ended up making the decision and it was likely the most expensive of the options (especially since we haven't used the camera since).  But here are a couple of pages of the book...

Our wedding guest book

Originally I picked up a large scrapbooking album for Michaels hummed and hawed about the size of it for about a week and decided I likely wanted to go with something else... but what that something else was I wasn't sure.  Then while wandering the aisles at Michaels (on one of my twice weekly Michaels visits... seriously... they basically sponsored our wedding and weren't even aware of it!) I found a small 3 ring binder (the outside of it was a plain white fabric and we never added anything more to it) with a bunch of pages and envelopes included.  It was probably about $10 which was a fraction of the cost of the original album (I don't recall the cost of it.. probably at least $30).  We set it on a table with 2 of our friends manning it to take photos of our guests and left pens, markers, and glue sticks out for them to decorate and write a message.

I don't think I ever shared what we did for our table seating chart either.  We also kept this pretty simple.  In fact, the hardest part of the seating chart was finding a frame that included a bunch of spots for photos... that I actually liked.  I actually just came across this as we were moving (yes, the seating chart came with us... I'm sure we might reuse it for something other than a seating chart sometime!).  Anyways, I found this frame at JYSK for a good price... we decided on the black frame versus the white because the tent and so much of the decor was already white.  The paper was scrapbooking paper from Michaels.  Did you know you can pretty much return anything to Michaels?  A potential guest book that you decide is too large but lost the receipt for and even their open stock scrapbook paper.  

Our wedding seating chart

We hadn't used our engagement photos at all (other than the one that was on our invites) and so we used some of the extra spots to in the seating chart to add some of our engagement pictures... whether people spent time looking for more than their name is beyond me but we did it anyways.
 The venue had an easel we could use so we set this on the easel by the guest book table and everyone seemed to find their spot.

Also, to see some much better quality photos of our wedding click here

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