Saturday, 14 November 2015

Turtle Cookies

Turtle Cookie ingredients

 52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 20

You can find this tasty recipe on Pixelated Crumb

 Now let me tell you a little something about these cookies.  Upon my first taste I thought they were too chocolately.  I would say they are more like a brownie in cookie form.  But then I had a few more and decided they were pretty good.  However, a brownie would be easier to make.

My first and only alteration happened when I had to use a spoon to press in the middles of the cookies and they started breaking *insert a sobbing face here*.  I know I make my cookies smaller than what people usually do though... so I just used my thumb.

The only problem with using your thumb and not a spoon (I later noticed that it is so clearly a measuring spoon which makes more sense to use) is that the middle isn't sunken down as much... which means less room for caramel.  I served them to John and told him they were turtles cookies and he told me that turtles had caramel with them... so slight fail?  Maybe he got the one with the smallest amount of caramel?

Turtle Cookies
Anyways, despite them not be caramelled enough for some people I still thought they were quite good (even if they were a little too chocolately the first time.  Plus, this is my 20th cookie... one would think I would know what a good cookie (and not so good cookie) taste like.  So I'm giving these a 9/10 because I think you'll like them too!

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