Saturday, 7 November 2015

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 19

Today's cookies are brought to you by The Hunger Pains

Confession #1 I pick out (for the most part) my cookie recipes at the beginning of each month.
Confession #2 I am often working on a cookie recipe one week ahead of time so that I'm not rushing to get it done and written about on the Friday before I post.  This doesn't always work out but at least it puts me a tiny bit ahead of the post.

This week I thought I was going to have to make these cookies later in the week because I didn't have eggs... You see I do a big grocery shopping trip on the first Tuesday of the month because at 3 of the large grocery stores in my area you can save 10% (I just go to the one with the deals for the groceries that I need for that month).  Before anyone panics that I must have a bunch of rotten produce and milk by the end of the month I will go back for that stuff later on (I freeze a lot of my meat).  The point is... this cookie recipe came at the exact right time because I was fresh out of eggs and what a wonderful surprise to see that this recipe doesn't require eggs!  So if you can't have eggs here is potentially the recipe for you (but you might want to check if Oreo's contain eggs first).

and... Confession #3:  I can't melt white chocolate properly.  Either I overheat it and it burns and therefore doesn't work or (I'm assuming) I under heat it and it isn't runny enough to make cookies look picture worthy.  Luckily for me I don't have such a large following that no one is going to talk about me on some gossipy site about how I can't make a cookie look nice... even if you did I would agree... these ones look nothing like the picture on Hunger Pains... and I mostly blame my inability to melt white chocolate.

Going into this I knew the white chocolate would not turn out well but I wanted to make the proper recipe and in the picture on Hunger Pains there is clearly white chocolate on them.  I guess I could have put it in a bag, cut a hole in it and applied it that way... but meh.

The good news is that despite the white chocolate catastrophe they don't taste bad.  I mean... if we have all agreed that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover let us also not judge a cookie by the way it looks.

I didn't change much... in fact I may not have changed anything at all... the thing is... I really don't know if I used the appropriate amount of cream cheese or not.  Our cream cheese is measured in grams here (not ounces) so when it said 3 ounces (and I was halving it) I had no idea what that meant.  I looked it up and things were just getting too complicated in the conversion and dividing up the cream cheese process so in the end I decided on equal amounts of cream cheese to butter (except I used margarine).

Wow, that was a lot of rambling when all you care about is what I thought about these cookies anyways.
Well, they were super easy to make which is nice... however, I personally enjoyed my Cookies and Cream Cookies more... and the ingredients are not too different.  Plus, I thought John would really like these because of the cream cheese and he said he couldn't even taste it (which could totally be my fault of perhaps not adding enough?).  Anyways, I'm giving these cookies a 7/10.

Last week I made some Reese Chocolate Chip Cookies

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