Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy Halloween

and only a couple days late!

I ended up working on the 30th so I went as the same thing as last year... Minnie Mouse.  Even though I was subbing at the same school as last year I think many of the students (and staff) had forgotten that it was what I had worn the previous year so all was well.

On Friday John and I went out in search of the perfect pumpkins to carve.  After hitting up not one, not 2, not even 3 stores... we finally found the "perfect" ones at store number 5 (the first 4 places were all sold out).  The ones we found were likely not perfect at all... one had a rotting hole, another was green and rotten on one side (and on the inside), and the third was well.. I guess it was the least rotten out of the bunch.  But they were perfect for us!  And they were staying at John's place so I didn't worry about having to deal with a bunch of rotting pumpkins and the smell they would bring with them.

John, his sister, and myself each carved a pumpkin... can you guess which one is mine?

And no we did not use any tracers (or fancy pumpkin carving tools).  Yes, we did look up ideas online first.

I didn't buy any candy to pass out because I had heard that trick or treaters don't come to the condos.  Which was nice because I was off the hook from having to buy treats for children then!  And... I didn't run the risk of having to get tricked instead because of my lack of treats (no one came to my door)

And where I'm from we take part in this lovely thing (that apparently isn't so lovely if you have children) called day light savings time.  It happened to fall on the same weekend as Halloween this year.  What did I do with my extra hour?  I went to bed early and got up an hour earlier than usual.  Exciting stuff!

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