Monday, 20 November 2017

About the Carpet

We've got 5 different colours and kinds of carpets on our 2nd story... and all should really be replaced since I'm sure despite vacuuming them exactly 100 times they likely still have bits of the ceiling we scrapped stuck in them.

Anyways, take a look at our carpets

We've got white in the master bedroom

Across the hall we've got our "brown room"

Next to that is our "pink room"

And across from that is our "blue room"

And yes, because I know you're dying to know that is how we refer to the rooms on the 2nd floor... because why refer to the bedrooms as what we are using them for when we can refer to them based on the colour of the carpet.

I spoke a while ago about how we wanted to replace the carpet prior to moving in but since we didn't end up selling our condo we decided against it (and to be honest, when we were considering quickly putting in carpet we had less than a week before moving in)

The plan is to replace all the bedrooms with the same carpet... I'm not sure how we will refer to the rooms after that... probably according to their old carpet colours so that anyone new coming into our home will be super confused when they can't find our beloved "pink room".

And those 4 carpets aren't the only ones upstairs... we've got one last one for the hallway and stairs...

Can you believe that there is only 2 other types of carpet in our house?  Both of those are in the basement (one you already know is in our basement bathroom)

Our plan for the hallway is to continue whatever flooring we decide to use on our main floor (it won't be carpeted) up the stairs and onto the hallway.  It's a high traffic area and likely to get ruined faster so may as well put something durable down.

The plan is also to get rid of all that wood trim, baseboards, and doors and make it all white.

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