Friday, 24 November 2017

Christmas Wish List 2017

Now that we've got a house coming up with a Christmas Wish list was easy... we've got more than enough space!

An office chair.  I thought I liked one from JYSK then I sat on it and rethought it.... I'm still looking for the perfect one so check back for an update?

Jodi Picoult's newest book... assuming she has one (every year she has had one for me to ask for but I didn't see a newer one than "Small Great Things" when I wrote this... which I've already read).

I really, really, REALLY want a better vacuum and next time they go on sale at The Bay I have every intention of taking every gift card we have for that place and using them all on the vacuum.  So gift card's to The Bay.

Speaking of gift cards we are always spending money at home renovation stores (Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, etc.) so gift cards any of those places would be appreciated

A friend gave me a pair of moccasin slippers a number of years ago and they've worked great (especially the years I only lived in a one story place) but now that I'm going up and down stairs more often I need something that fits me properly and isn't slipping off my feet the first couple of steps I take on the stairs.

Mitts.  I feel like I always ask for mitts for Christmas because I use them well.  This year I'm going to ask for ones that might last me longer and keep my fingers warmer (and still look oh so stylish).

We've got more floors in this house than in the condo that want to be smelling nice and I currently only have one plug for wallflowers at Bath and Body Works.  For now we could use one more probably (I like the more discreet looking ones like this).  I've got a few scents to go inside but I wouldn't say no to more... is it weird to put a different scent on different floors?..  I haven't decided yet so just in case it is maybe 2 of the same scents... I don't recall which ones I like but typically not seasonal ones or food items.  Once I had a blue one that I really liked but I don't recall what the scent was.

Speaking of Bath and Body works... I exclusively use their hand soaps thanks to a certain aunt of mine.  I'm not fussy about what the scent of those is... I like them all!  I also like candles and their perfume... which apparently they don't have a lot of?  This is news to me but I know I like this scent.

Now that we have a laundry room that isn't also a bathroom we've got space to spread out!  I like the idea of a laundry sorter/bin thing for in the laundry room and this one by Neatfreak seems like a good idea.  The individual bags lift out so even if we just keep that hamper upstairs I would only need to carry one bag at a time down to the laundry room.

We could also use another laundry basket.  Now that it isn't about 10 steps from the laundry room to the bed where I sort the clothes I seem to drop a lot of clothes while going up all the steps.  A laundry basket for clean clothes would hopefully keep me from having to back track to find all the missing socks I dropped along the way.

Maybe if I had a clothes drying rack like this one I would keep my clothes off of the deep freeze, washer, and dryer when they are laying flat to dry.

One set of the oh so cool sounding Dragon Cutlery from Ikea

While you're at Ikea picking up some cutlery, and a drying rack you may as well pick up a couple of these boot trays for us (2 please).  Also, while hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our place I came to realize that we only had 2 trivets and I wouldn't mind more (and these ones are hopefully slightly better quality than the dollar store ones I currently have).  One large trivet and 2 smaller ones  would hopefully be enough!

Not a big fan of plain coffee over here but I am a fan of adding special syrups to my coffee to make it taste SO much better.  I haven't ever tried the sugar free syrups and if they have sucralos in them I'm not sure I want to... so make sure my syrups are packed with that tasty tasty sugar!  You can get them at a lot of places (I've seen packs of 3 or 4 at Winners; Marshals probably also has them which means Home Sense and Home Outfitters likely have them as well) These ones are all from Bed Bath and Beyond (which I've heard has some of the better prices for them).  They didn't have a lot of options online when I made this post and they might have other options now but I know I would like hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel and I'm open to other flavours as well!

This oven mitt.  We only need one as we got this exact one for a shower present as well (it would just be nice to have a mitt for each hand).

I found these canisters at Marshal's about a month ago.

I like both of these designs (there were other ones... but these are the ones I prefer). You could use the prices for size references... I think one of each size would be perfect if you could find them!

Finally, I think Christmas is the perfect time to get new pajamas.  These ones look pretty much perfect and I'm a size medium.  But don't pay their regular price for them... I feel like they are constantly on sale (when I typed this out they were on sale for $29.95)

And that should pretty well do it...

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