Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Perfect Homemade Wedding Shower Gift

That's right I said perfect.

Perfect for the couple that likes to eat.
Perfect for the couple that likes to spend time outdoors.
Perfect for the couple that likes picnics


I don't recall how I came up with the idea for a picnic basket.  I think I went searching for a shower gift at Winners and saw picnic stuff but thought I could find something better than what they were offering.  It turned out I could find something better than what they were offering and the price tag for better was indeed quite a bit more.  So I travelled down the interwebs hole of picnic baskets and eventually found a DIY one that I thought was perfect on Lovely Indeed!

Her instructions went flawlessly for me.  

BUT for the love of everything... make sure you get your basket of choice from Michaels and make sure you use at the very least a 40% off coupon.  I was lucky and went when there was a 50% off coupon because baskets are expensive!

Once I had the basket all put together I searched stores for the perfect dishes.  To be honest I think Superstore had better ones but I wanted to fill my basket with so many wonderful things that I went to Dollar Tree instead (Dollarama was more expensive).  The cutlery was the cheapest set from Ikea (it's picnicing people not dinner with the queen!)

Inside my basket I included:
4 bowls
4 plates
4 knives
4 spoons
4 forks
4 plastic wine glasses
reusable ice cube things
fancy juice

I considered also including some kind of platter, table cloth or picnic blanket, a snack, and I meant to add in some kind of game (like a frisbee)... I just forgot to pick one up.

I wasn't sure whether to include stuff for 4 people or 2 but went with the larger number in case stuff breaks or goes missing or they want to invite a couple of friends out for a picnic.  But I only made space in the lid for stuff for 2 people... 4 just wouldn't have fit.

I asked my friend the other day how it was all holding up and apparently everything is still intact so the glue that is recommended is absolutely the right glue for the job!  I'm mostly surprised about the button on the outside not coming off... apparently I did a better sewing job of that then I thought.  

Sidenote:  That button was a hard choice... was I getting the right kind, I wanted white but not glossy white so we painted it but the paint wasn't sticking... really though... who would have thought the hardest part of making your own picnic basket would be the button choice!

Oh, and I added the lovely flower on top because I wasn't wrapping it and thought it needed a little something extra.  You can make your own flower... just search "tissue paper flower" and I'm sure no less than 50 Youtube videos will come up.

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