Saturday, 10 December 2016


We got back from our honeymoon over a month ago and I still have yet to post a single picture or say a single thing about it on these interwebs.  Can I use the excuse that when we got back a bunch of stuff happened and I haven't really had a day off from work since (other than weekends of course).  

Luckily, early this week we all had a snow day and so I had the time to do a little writing...

Here is the only picture that John and I have of the both of us from our honeymoon, taken on one of our excursions to Tulum to see some Mayan ruins

There were a bunch of pools on the resort and all but one were often nearly empty

We stayed at the Grand Palladium in the Mayan Riviera 

We actually had 2 rooms while here.  Our first room had 2 double beds so I put in a request for a king size bedroom and after a couple of nights in our first room we were able to move to this one.  Basically the same room just with only one bed.

We went on 3 

The first one we went to see some cenotes (sinkholes) and swim in them and through caves.  After that we went swimming with some turtles in Akumel which was the highlight of the trip for me and I'm kind of regretting not purchasing the pictures the photographer took of us on this excursion (note to self: when they say the photographs cost $30 this is actually a very good deal!)

The 2nd was to Tulum to see some ruins

The 3rd was to see more cenotes but this time we got to jump into them from really high, repel into them, zip line into them, and kayak through them.  It was pretty fun but the car ride through all the twists and turns was not.  The photos at this one cost $80 so needless to say we did not purchase them!

There were 2 shows every night at our resort which was nice but we were usually pretty tired (especially if we went on an excursion to go to them). We did see all of one and the last bit of another.  
John would say the food was the best part (and it was pretty good).

No limits as to how often you could visit a sit down restaurant and the buffets were pretty well endless.

Local merchants set up booths on the resort in the evening which was nice if you wanted to buy something local without leaving the resort.

All in all a fine time was had by all

Then we came home and by the next evening I had the flu.

I would still go back!

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