Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wedding Florist

Psst... sometimes when looking for people to hire for your wedding you just have to ask the most recent person you know who got married.  That way they do all the hard work of pricing things out and seeing who offers the best stuff for the best price.

And that folks, is exactly what we did for our florist.  John's sister got married in February and she had mentioned how a lot of florists charge A LOT for flowers but she had found someone that was super reasonable.  So John and I didn't even look around.  We (okay, it was me) asked John's sister who they used and called her up.  Turns out her prices are really reasonable (am I the only person that gets excited when things come WAY under budget?).

We went in to see her not really having too much of a clear vision of what we wanted (or knowing if certain flowers even existed... ahem John ahem) and I'm confident she'll be able to put it all together into something beautiful for us.  After talking with her and corosponding through email a bit I think I do have a pretty good idea of what I want things to look like (and I think we are on the same page... I guess I'll see soon when she puts together the silk mock up for us)

What is she all doing for us?
Bouquets (mine, my bridesmaid, and one to toss into the crowd)
Boutineers (groom, groomsmen, and our dads)
corsages (for our moms)
Flowers for centerpieces

If you are in the area and want a reasonably prices florist let me know... I'd be happy to pass on her information to you.

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Bloom that said...

To hire a wedding florist for my wedding I took suggestions from my friend who recently got married. She recommended me city’s best florist services. So hired them for the event and they delivered awesome flowers same day. Best part was that some Flower Bouquets were also there.