Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wedding Dresses

Some people might think it's a bit crazy to get engaged one day and the next afternoon be out dress shopping with my mom.  But I knew I would need to order the dress soon because we are planning to get married rather quickly (but more on that later).

Anyways, I have found a dress.  It was actually the very first dress I tried on... I guess the consultant that was helping me really knew her stuff when I showed her the picture of what I thought I wanted.

BUT, I wasn't sure that was THE dress until I checked everywhere else first.

A number of things went into my decision to purchase this particular dress (that I will not be posting a picture of for hopefully obvious reasons).

1) Price

I don't think I had made a budget for John and I yet.. actually I know I hadn't because John said to wait until I saw what was out there before I limited myself with a budget.  But in my head I was hoping a dress for under $1000 wouldn't be unreasonable.  And it wasn't... I found many for under $1000.

2)  Style

I was fairly confident that I wanted a particular style but I wasn't 100% sure of it until I tried on other stuff.  After the first store I knew I didn't want a number of other styles... like I said my consultant was VERY helpful.

3)  Alterations

The fewer the better.  I had one place offer to make me the dress that I wanted using an existing dress that I liked the bottom of.  She told me all in (well, not including taxes) it would cost $850 which still seems like an amazing deal.  If this is an option for you and you fully trust the person doing the alterations than I say... why not!  I opted to not do this because I felt like I was paying for things I didn't want with the original dress... and well... I knew I already had one I liked.

By the end of the first day I had 2 options.  Going into the 2nd day of dress shopping I had 1 option and after the 2nd day of dress shopping I had 3 options.  Those 3 options were:

1) The dress that would need to be altered.

2)  The dress that I was showing everyone every store I went to.  I used an app called "Lookbook" by The Knot to search and save wedding dresses I liked... so I used a picture from on there.

sidenote:  I also used this app to decide on a ring style that I liked... and it's free!

The only problem with this option was that I had never actually tried it on.  BUT I was confident I would love it if the price was right.  Well, I never found out the price because they told me it wouldn't come in on time so that was an easy no.

3)  The first dress I tried on!  I could actually purchase this one in 3 ways.  The first being in store... easy and safe because they would take care of the ordering process for me.  The 2nd being online.  Not a great option because it was all in American dollars.  And the third being online though their sample sale.  I was seriously considering ordering it online though the sample sale.  They had it in my size after all and everything I had looked up about their sample dresses sounded very promising.

In the end I ordered it through the store.


Because they told me they were having a sale and everything would be on sale.  And well, can a Mennonite even resist a sale?  I don't think so.

So, as of Friday I have my dress ordered.  I'm hoping that with alterations it comes in well under my budgeted amount of $1200.

I had a number of other options to keep it well under budget.  A couple places had me trying on grad gowns... but I wasn't sure if I wanted a train or not and didn't want to have to not have one. Plus, it's hard to envision it being white instead of red.

And... if you are wondering if I'll be showing you the dress in person... the answer is probably no.  I haven't decided if I'm showing people it yet so I'm just not showing people.  Other than the 3 people that have seen it (my mom, John's mom, and a friend).

Psst... John and I set a date and booked a venue over a week ago!  Stay tuned for some details on that!

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Wow! Everything is in fast planning mode! So exciting! When is the wedding? ????.