Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Venue

In case you haven't heard I got engaged!
And we picked a date for 5 months after the engagement.
So needless to say we've been doing a lot of planning!

A couple of weeks ago we officially booked the venue

We didn't have a whole lot of options because of the short timeline which was possibly a good thing.  I think I emailed about 10 venues asking for prices and dates and only 4 got back to me with dates and prices that we thought were reasonable.  So... a couple of weeks ago John and I set out to look at the 4 venues.

There were a couple things that influenced our decision as to where we picked to have the venue.

1)  Price.  Obviously.  It came into play when I was buying my dress so it came into play here too.  Someone told me that we need to invest into our futures and not just this one day.  So I think that's what we are trying to do.  PLUS, I really believe that we can throw a beautiful wedding and keep the costs to a minimum.  At least, I hope we can!

2)  Dates.  The venue we actually ended up picking didn't have the most desirable dates BUT we did eliminate some right away because they had dates at the beginning of September.  4 months was too soon.

3)  The Actual Venue.  The date we picked for our wedding (which I'll reveal in a later post) may not have nice weather.  There is a chance there could be snow.  There is a chance it could be beautiful.  There is a chance it could be somewhere in between the 2.  Because of this I wanted the option to have a nice indoor space to get married in (our venue has both indoor and outdoor options).  I wanted to make sure the guests would be comfortable (one venue we looked at had bathrooms outside... not heated and some didn't include heaters which concerned me because the temperatures will drop quickly one the sun sets).  

For us the choice of the venue was easy.  Our venue offers both in and outdoor spaces, a house to get ready in that is on the property, and the owner just so happens to also do the food (at some pretty reasonable prices).  Our guests should be happy and perhaps more importantly, John and I should also be happy with this choice (and we are!)

And... because I'm sure you're dying to see some kind of photo I snapped this one when John and I took our parents to see the venue.

and that's all you're getting!
...for now at least.
In case you missed it... I talked about Wedding Dresses last week

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