Saturday, 14 May 2016

Twix Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 46

I think Twix chocolate bars are probably one of my favourites so I was expecting this recipe by Chef in Training to be just as delightful.

These aren't the first chocolate bar related cookie I've made.  A looong time ago I made some Turtle Cookies that I really liked too.

The only thing I changed up in this recipe is I took a walk to the local Dollarama to buy some bags of caramels.  Why Dollarama?  NO WHERE SELLS THEM!  Seriously, is it just me or have we been on some kind of caramel drought for probably the last 20 years in Canada?  Bulk Barn probably has BUT caramels get hard when they just sit out for long periods of time so I didn't want to go that route.  ANYWHO, these ones were not Kraft and I certainly didn't buy no 5lb log of caramel to melt down!  That just seems crazy.  So, no instructions for how to melt the caramels were on the bag so here's what I did.  I keep some old (frozen) buttermilk in the freezer and I took a piece of that out and melted it down into a bowl of caramels (maybe about 20 of them for half the recipe).  It melted just fine in the microwave on a low setting for 30 or so seconds at a time until fully melted.  

These cookies surprised me a little... mostly because I have always been under the impression that shortbread would be a hard thing to make... but this one was a snap.  So if you love shortbread.... you should definitely check out this recipe!

Twix Cookies

My verdict?  They have the potential to be good... I just wish my caramel wasn't so hard but chewy instead.  I'm assuming it's because I'm keeping these cookies in the fridge... because the caramel does soften up while I'm eating it... maybe it was my melting technique that is causing this.  

Anyways, other than the hard caramel issue these are pretty good 8/10

Last week I made some pretty tasty Graham Cracker Cookies that you might like.

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