Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Life Lately

All I've been posting about is cookies lately but certainly there is more to my life than cookies.  So I sat down one Saturday afternoon to think about 5 things that were new or going on in my life... lately.  Here's that list.

1)  I discovered I like celery and started buying it on the regular. Here I thought for many, many years I didn't like it but then recently decided I did BUT only if peanut butter is involved.  Riveting.

2)  A friend and I have been going for bike rides and I've discovered that my bike is quite heavy.  This is unfortunate because I have to carry it downstairs whenever I want to use it.  Which is likely part of the reason I don't use it too often.  I think our longest ride has been 17km which was actually quite hard because it was SO windy... so go us!

3)  I started running.  The weather finally turned nice and I decided I could start wearing shorts and going for runs.  I usually follow a program to get me up to running 5km straight and this year I'm trying something new.  There is a walking path not far from where I live that when I do the whole thing (starting from my place) is 7km.  I always walk the first and last 1.5km though (and since I'm just starting off I walk in between my runs too).  My goal right now is to get down to a 7min km... which may not seem too hard BUT it includes those 3kms at the beginning and end that I walk.  Once I manage to start running the entire path my goal will just be to continue to run it and to run it faster each time.  Right now I can get through all 7km in under an hour.

4)  I've been working a lot.  Lately it's been mostly nursery and kindergarten.  Which isn't my favourite but you get a lot more hugs and appreciation than when you teach middle school!

5)  I set out my patio furniture.  I already mentioned it but I've been spending more time outside and that includes sitting outside and reading the occasional book.

Not an exhaustive list... that's probably because there isn't a whole lot going on in my life at the moment... just needed to let you all know that there was more to my life than cookies though.

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