Saturday, 24 October 2015

SalteD Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies

52 Weeks of Cookies:  Week 17

Confession:  I was in a rush to make these and so I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients.  Later on I thought to myself  "I could fake it and just put them all out afterwards"... but I didn't want to go to the trouble of having to somehow re roll those Rolo packages that I completely destroyed.  So no ingredient picture for you.  Get over it.

Today's cookies come from Sally's Baking Addiction

a couple of things:

-  I thought these cookie balls were MASSIVE... but this is coming from a person who uses a teaspoon to scoop out her cookie dough usually.  
-  I attempted to sort of count the number of Rolo's inside one of those packages in the store... I can't remember how many I guessed were in there but now I know, there are 10.  So you'll need to packages of Rolo's... Sally could have just said that and saved me some time but whatever.
-  My batch, probably because I got concerned about the size of the cookies, ended up making 19.  So I had 19 cookies to eat and one extra Rolo to enjoy.
-  Only one of my Rolo's broke while trying to smash those two cookie balls together.  They are impressively strong little guys.  The broken one I just formed the cookie around and called it done... I wasn't giving up my unbroken Rolo that I was going to enjoy once they went in the oven for it!
-  The picture on Sally's Baking Addiction was not accurate at all for me.  How come my caramel didn't ooze?  Actually, I don't recall what it looked like the first time I had one right out of the oven (because I always have one right out of the oven to base my ratings on... slightly cooled of course)... but they weren't oozing yesterday when John and I were eating them.

Anyways, I basically followed the recipe except I chilled the dough over night.

John LOVES dark chocolate almost as much as he loves me so he REALLY liked this cookies.
I on the other hand don't enjoy dark chocolate quite as much and do believe there is such a thing as too much chocolate *gasp*... and I'm afraid to tell you I thought these cookies fell into the category of "too much chocolate".

BUT based on the fact that John really did like them instead of giving them a 6 I'm going to give them a 7/10.

Last week I made some Carrot Cookies.

and I know, I know I've been failing to blog about anything but cookies lately but that's because I'm working on something BIGger for December... and I've been working.  So just bare with me... I'll post a non cookie post this week sometime... hopefully.

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